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About Us

Flex Link Courier has hands-on management, local port knowledge and experience, and expresses a desire to build a lasting service relationship. We take the time to get to know you and your business, going the extra mile to make certain your shipments arrive or depart without problems or delay.

  • Fast delivery

    Deliveries are done without issues and ontime

  • secured service

    Our trusted workers ensures goods get to you without tampering

  • worldwide shipping

    Our network covers over 200 countries worldwide


We deliver highly flexible services through our partnerships with leading shipping lines. cultivation of long-term, secure partnerships with major shipping lines brings tangible benefits to our customers.


Flex Link Courier offers to our clients ,a cost effective,secure,timely and efficient solution for all airfreight shipments, to and from any point in the world.

Road Transport

With our expertise in road and rail logistics operations,we can offer optimum,reasonable,coordinated and competent transport solutions.

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I think FLC UK deserve some credit - they sent me a wrong parcel I notified them with one phone call the guy was very helpful and the next day my correct item was delivered - if you are worried about your item just be patient and give them a call they were very helpful to me!

Nancy of Edinburgh, UK


I just would like to take a moment out to write a review about Brian that works close to the edgewood Maryland side the FLC driver left a delivery at the wrong door so Brian took it upon himself to get it in his personal vehicle and drive 45 minutes away to handle the situation

Bev of Jupiter, FL


I had a package sent to Mexico from Chennai and it was received well ahead of date indicated. I am very happy with the FLC delivery team and I'm proud to be a FLC user.

Alex of Lake Worth, FL


Our FLC driver is the very best. He works so hard, he runs to the door with every single package and heís always listening to music and smiling and happy. Itís nice to see someone who seems to really be enjoying his job. Really great smile he has, too.

Marcel of Key West, FL